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Mon 13th Nov 2017 - 5:58pm : Gaming

We wanted to give you all a chance to get to know a little but about the players that make up our fantastic new EU Gears of War roster. These guys have only been together for a short time but are already making waves within the scene. Enjoy!



I started playing gears in 2006. At that moment i was a player of EnVy our skills, not the nV us team from now. EnVy was a dutch squad and we were top EU. Been to serveral lans for gears 1 those days. After gears 1, I left the scene to play CoD. From there on I came back on gears 3 with Ahmend (Demented) but didn’t went lan those days unfortunately. After gears 3 we started playing gears UE. I teamed up with some old EnVy players and started grinding again on the gears scene. When gears 4 came out we kept trying to get a dutch squad. On gears 4 I joined Call Me eSports where I teamed up with Marco as a fun squad to just play with people. We went to Paris for the pro circuit lan. After Paris, I left CMe and joined Ahmed his team. That didn't go well and I left them because of issues between me and some players of the team. I joined a team after that with Andy (Hydraulics) in it. We started grinding and we became underdogs. After some weeks, Ahmed joined our team and we started grinding for the Nottingham Lan. We ended top 5 there and we had the motivation to keep going for season 2. After the Nottingham Lan, we split up again and stopped playing the game because of my motivation. I didn’t had the hunger anymore to play gears. It was too chaotic and it wasn’t a stable game. After 2 weeks of quitting, I came back with Ahmed and we start looking for players we like to play with and who have the guts to get to the top. It went all good until some players became angry on each other. We kicked one guy out and started to make a mixed team again. That moment me, Ahmed and Arif(Areefz) picked up Marco as a solid 4th and we started to look for our 5th. At the end we came back to Andy and he joined us.



Been playing Gears since 06 in a pro level. In the course of 2006 till 2007 I was in number 1 team in the Netherlands (RiP, qG, HLH) and later on the number 1 team on whole of Europe with vVv Gaming. In 2007 I quit the game on my prime for 2 years since I had no time to play in a pro level. I came back later for Gears 3, and been playing til gears 4 now. Got top 5 on my last lan event and aiming higher with Empire GamingGG.



I started playing gears of war 1 in 2007 im now 22 years old when i played this game i was sold out at first sight cause it was a amazig game and had so much fun but that was because i was really young neverless i kept playing it and i didnt realize at the time that there was a gears of war 2 so i went to the shop and bought it and thats how i kinda rolled into gears and years later after playing gears of war 3 and judgment and ofcourse ultimate editon i started to wanted more i want to compete at a high level so i tryed playing gamebattles on gears 4 and while beating pro players like optic icy and avexys from fire and ice in 1v i wanted to compete with a team and thats why im in EmpiregamingGG and hope that we can make it far but neverless i still enjoy this game.



Started playing Gears when I was 9, I started to play competitively at the beginning of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, made my way through italian Gears scene untill I decided to go play with foreign players in CMe with Sektor. I came back to italian scene after Pro Circuit event in Paris and I played for a while in veritas team. After not finding my way in italian community I decided to go back to european scene with current Empire Gaming team.



I started playing Gears of War casually back on Gears of war 3 and slowly stepped into the competitive side at the end of the game playing GBs and decided I wanted to commit myself to competitive Gears of War. I pursued this when Gears of War UE released however was never able to attend an event and so GoW 4 was the first time I properly emerged into the scene. I attended my first event at Nottingham in 2017 and am now competing apart of the Empire Gaming organisation for season 2 of Gears of War.


These guys will be looking to make their mark on the scene in the 2018 season. Get out there and kick some ass! #EmpireGOW #EmpireNation



Johnny Osornio

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